Do Androids Dream of Cara Delevingne’s British GQ Shoot?

Sci-fi seems to be the motif of the year for Valerian actress, model and all-around-cool lady Cara Delevingne, who graces the August cover of British GQ in a portrayal of what appears to be some kind of sexy, cybernetic fantasy (Is there any other kind?).

There’s a lot going on, but between Delevingne’s cold, direct stare and all the chrome and hardware on set, the imagery definitely owes its pedigree to cinematic androids past and present (think Blade Runner, Terminator, Ex Machina or pretty much anything from Valerian director Luc Besson).

You can pick up the August issue of British GQ to see the full shoot. Or just cryo-freeze yourself and come back around 2050, when everyone will look like this. (Crosses fingers.)

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h/t High Snobiety
Photos: Mariano Vivanco