Advice | January 9, 2019 9:00 am

You’re Taking CBD Wrong! Here’s How to Get Its Benefits Properly.

Put down the infused drinks and try it this way

If you want to get in on all the (possible) benefits of CBD, you’ll need to hold your tongue — for one minute. That’s a conclusion reached via a comprehensive cannabinoids explainer from Gossamer, a publication for “discerning and curious individuals who just happen to smoke weed.”

Presumably fed up with misinformation about CBD from every corner of the internet, the 101 guide sorts out all the different chemical compounds found in cannabis plants, which go well beyond THC and CBD. They tackle six of them (there are hundreds), from tetrahydrocannabivarin to CBG.

But it’s the CBD refresher that you should pay very close attention to. Refresher: CBD, or cannabidiol, won’t get you high. It stimulates ECS receptors and impacts how other cannabinoids bind to those receptors. It’s also great for sleep, relaxation and modulating pain. Cool. (Our own CBD guide is here.)

What you didn’t know is that all those infused drinks and creams and multiple other CBD products are probably not the best way to get the full effects of CBD. According to Gossamer, you’ll want to hold a dropperful under your tongue for at least 30-60 seconds, then swallow. This allows for maximum absorption … unlike, say, putting it in another liquid and just swallowing it, where you’re losing around 60-70% of the active cannabinoids.

Or, as they put it, “Forget CBD lattes (which we all know aren’t worth the $4 surcharge, right?).”

Via Gossamer

Photo: CBD Warehouse