Advice | November 1, 2017 9:00 am

With TSA PreCheck, You May Soon Skip the Line at NFL Stadiums

Yes, that includes your giant foam finger

As we’ve already pointed out, there are a number of reasons to sign up for TSA Precheck, preserving your mental sanity and personal space chief among them.

Now, thanks to a deal between the digital identity security firm behind TSA’s Precheck and a couple of NFL teams, getting Precheck clearance may soon come in handy during stadium trips as well.

As part of an initial partnership with the San Francisco 49ers and New York Jets, IDEMIA is offering fans who visit Levi’s or MetLife Stadium the opportunity to apply for TSA Precheck status while they tailgate. In the deal, IDEMIA will also be equipping the stadiums with biometric technology as they “strive to provide expedited entry for pre-approved customers” and  “assist in the fan experience and security in the near future.”

The bigger news here is Precheck status may soon be used to grant fans a “fast pass” into Levi’s and MetLife, a practice that hopefully will expand to stadiums around the league.

“We look forward to working with IDEMIA to jointly deploy the first-ever Trusted Fan Program which we plan on implementing in stages,” says Levi’s Stadium GM Jim Mercurio. “We are excited about the possibilities they bring toward enhancing the fan experience at Levi’s Stadium.”

We don’t know when the Trusted Fan Program will debut, but we do know applying for Precheck — whether at a stadium or airport — costs $85 and approved status is good for five years.

Nota bene: You’ll have to get in the old-fashioned way, but we’re hosting a good ol’ chili tailgate party before the Giants/Cowboys game at MetLife Stadium on December 10th. Tickets are available right here