Advice | October 13, 2014 9:00 am

To the Brave

In which we interview the bravest men we know

By The Editors

It’s a thin line between a brave man and a fool.

Take a risk, win big: brave man.

Take a risk, lose everything: foolish dude.

Our friends at The Dalmore agree and so, together, we created To the Brave, a video series in which a few stout-hearted and successful gents tell us about the key moment of bravery in their career.

First up: Ryan Schinman.

Founder of Platinum Rye Entertainment, a company that works with corporations to license celebrity talent.

Diddy for Pepsi? That was Schinman. Madonna for Motorola? Schinman.

Brokering talent is a — now massive — industry that Schinman essentially created.

We asked him about where he came from. What it took to get here. And how he dealt with roadblocks and naysayers along the way.

Check out To the Brave to see what we learned.

Take risks. Be well.