Action | September 11, 2016 4:00 am

Mountain Biking Inside an Erupting Volcano

Indonesia’s Mount Bromo is active volcano with an explosive reputation. The volcano’s erupted several times since 2010, prompting the Indonesian government to periodically close the volcano to tourists. It was during such a time that Canadian mountain Biker Kurt Sorge made a trip to the volcano with his photographer-friend Rob Dunnet. “After hearing the news that Mt Bromo was erupting, I had thought ‘How bad could it really be? Doesn’t sound like a crisis or anything. Let’s go there anyway,Dunnet wrote in a blog post after the journey. Together, the two searched for old trails throughout the cauldera of Mount Bromo, which is a smaller volcano inside a larger, more dormant one. Sorge and Dunnet rode their way closer and closer to the base of the volcano, all while it was spewing ash. The result of their epic adventure is this video below, produced by Solos Productions.