How to Rock a Suit in LA

How to rock a suit like LA's own JB Pasht

By The Editors
March 20, 2015 9:00 am

Welcome to The Collectors, a series in which we profile the men behind LA’s most impressive private collections, and reveal how you, too, can become an aficionado.

LA men aren’t exactly known for wearing suits.

But when we do, we have to rock ’em, and hard — for the red carpet, awards dinners, film premieres … all that.

And there is no man in Los Angeles who rocks a suit like Jonas Bell Pasht, producer of EsquireTV’s How I Rock It and’s Hangover Lab.

And so, for this first issue of The Collectors, we present The Suits of Jonas Bell Pasht, a photo tour of Pasht’s incomparable collection of gentleman’s finery, and instruction on how you, too, can start your own collection of LA suits.


Now, you should know that Pasht doesn’t buy suits off the rack.

He has them made.

Don’t quail at that prospect. Yes it takes time. But yes, it also makes what you wear unique.

And so, inside:

  • Where Pasht finds his suit fabric (hint: same place the Mad Men designers go)

  • How Pasht selects those fabrics

  • And where he gets his suits tailored for the perfect fit

Maybe you wear suits every day (doubtful).

Maybe you only wear wetsuits.

Regardless, you’ll appreciate how this guy rolls. 

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