Lyft Is Finally Rolling Out a Loyalty Program for Frequent Riders

More shots fired in the ride-share industry's war of attrition

November 13, 2018 9:00 am

Ride-sharing is no friend to your credit balance. At least drinks are honest. You know the $17 cocktail is a dumb idea as your order it. But the late-night ride home, the aiport pick-up, the trip for a meeting downtown — these purchases are shrouded in convenience. Only later, when the tip alerts pops up, do you realize how much you spent.

Thankfully, ahead of a 2019 IPO, Lyft is finally rolling out a rewards program for all those who spend a healthy chunk of time in the backseat.  

Similar to the way airlines reward you for frequent flying, Lyft’s new program will be built on loyalty miles. For every dollar you spend being ferried around the city, you’ll earn points, leading to vehicle upgrades and savings on future rides. It’s a smart move for Lyft as they continue to shake the little brother tag off their back and play ride-share tug-of-war with Uber. Each company has released a subscription service in the last few weeks, and Uber even announced a perks program for its drivers. 

FYI, though: Lyft is only rolling out its rewards program at first for select cities and select riders. It drops in December, so if you’ve never used the app before, we suggest trying a cross-country Lyft road trip. The publicity couldn’t hurt. 

For more (albeit fairly light) information on the development, check out Lyft’s press briefing

Image from Lyft Instagram


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