The 16 Apps You Need for Everyday Life-Threatening Scenarios

Dying? There’s an app for that.

January 27, 2017 9:00 am

We spent most of January telling you how to survive the apocalypse.

Knives. Go bags. Fallout shelters. You know: manly stuff.

But those don’t cover the everyday, no-kevlar-needed scenarios that can be just as dangerous.

So herein: 16 apps, bots and sites to quickly and painlessly help you negotiate everyday life-or-death scenarios.

From legal documents to quickly borrowing money to drafting a will, we’ll guide you through your remaining days.

You Need a Doctor: Remedy
Anchored by a health-savvy AI bot named Remy that’s supported by a team of real-life MDs, Remedy allows users to get medical advice and prescriptions via text for $30 an appointment. (To be super confusing, there’s another Remedy that’ll fight for savings on your medical bills.)

That Didn’t Work. Time’s Short: Willing
Make a personalized will in an afternoon. Answer a few questions, print, sign, et voila: your stuff now has a legally binding home after you’re gone or medically incapacitated.

You Need Insurance for Your Stuff: Cover
Take a phone pic of your preferred object of coverage: car, home, boat, pet, etc. A bunch of brokerages compete for your business.

You Need Insurance for Your Family: Fabric
About to launch, the peeps behind the no-fee banking app Simple promise life insurance for parents in “minutes” for about $6/month.

You Need to Preserve Your Gene Pool: YO
Test your sperm in the comfort of your phone and a mini-microscope. In minutes, see if your boys can swim!

You Need to Send This New Family Person to College: Savingforcollege
Learn how to enroll in a 529 savings plan and calculate how much of your hard-earned money is going to get sucked away for that future Bachelor’s in Medieval Poetry.

You Need $$$. Quick. Start by Contesting Some Parking Tickets: DoNotPay
This AI-equipped chatbot has already challenged and voided 160,000 of the 250,000 tickets it has faced in London and New York, good for a success rate of 64%. If the bot determines you should challenge the ticket, it takes you through the necessary steps to file and win the appeal.

Actually, It Was More Than a Parking Ticket: BernieSez
Got a driving issue including or beyond speeding (DWI included)? Upload your ticket, and lawyers compete to take your case.

Yeah, Turns Out You’ll Need a Lawyer: Avvo
Find the best lawyer for almost any problem in your home area. For about $40, get 15 minutes of help with all civil and criminal issues.  

You Need That Lawyer, Like, NOW: Arrest SOS
A Batman-like beacon that summons a lawyer if you think you’re about to be arrested.

Never Mind. Let’s Get Money Back From My Stupid Airline: AirHelp
Lost or late baggage? With AirHelp, just enter your flight details, and you’ll learn whether you’re eligible to be the lucky recipient of hundreds of dollars in fees — and the app will pursue that claim with gusto.  

You Need to Sign an Important Document: DocuSign
We’ve been using this for awhile. The easiest way to legally sign a document online and send it on its way.

You Need a Quick Divorce: Wevorce
For $749 per couple, you’ll get an electronic step-by-step guide to filing all the legal docs you’ll need to remain apart forever.

You Need to Become a Citizen: Visabot
Look, we were thinking about leaving, but if you’re scared you can’t stay, this AI will guide you through the proper forms.   

You Need to Borrow Money: Kiva
Microlending here in the States. If you’re financially, uh, strapped (or an entrepreneur, or doing some good for your community), this crowdfunded borrowing service beats getting a leg broken by a loan shark (it’s 0% interest). You can also choose to put up a loan for someone else.

You Need to Remember a Name: Remame
Our biggest fear in life isn’t death. It’s our complete lack of remembering names. This about-to-launch app helps you identify that person you just met who was super important.

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