These Leather Cubes Will Save You From Your Own Terrible Packing Habits

Expect about 60% more packing space

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I’m a bad packer. I pack the night before the trip, never heed tips on how to properly roll clothes and toss my shoes in a tied-up plastic grocery bag. Once I get off the plane and open my suitcase at the hotel room, it’s total cotton carnage. 

So this set of packaging cubes from Vasco Bags, now fundraising on Kickstarter, is an on-the-go lifehack of the highest degree. 

vasco (3 images)

The nine-piece Vasco set includes three double-compression packing cubes (ideal for actually rolling up shirts, pants or jackets), a shoe pouch, shoe bag, electronics bag, hanging toiletry bag, travel wallet and laundry bag (beats tossing dirties in with all of your clean stuff, which can lead to forgetting the difference between the two).

Once each cube is all packed and you’re finished playing luggage Tetris, expect about 60% more space inside your suitcase. 

Head to Kickstarter now to claim the nine-piece set in nylon ($99, retail price will be $169), or in the eco leather set, which goes for $149 (down from an eventual retail price of $229). 

BUY HERE: $229 $149

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