Eight Handsome Ways to Grow Food Indoors

Including the planter NASA uses. In space.

By The Editors
January 22, 2016 9:00 am


Probably the restaurant-going buzzword of late.

Now, we say take the concept out of the restaurant and into your home.

Only place to start: growing food. With your hands. It’s not rocket science, and you don’t need a garden — or even a yard — to do it. So here are eight of the best designs for indoor growing, all winter- and small-space-friendly.

The Green Wheel 
Revolutionary. As in NASA-crafted, Italian designed. Built for space but equally functional in your kitchen, the Green Wheel represents the latest in futuristic indoor growing and can be easily controlled with a smartphone. 

Click & Grow
For the garden novice. Grow herbs with absolutely no effort. Contains all the supplies you need and sprouts in 1-2 weeks.

Another option for the less green of thumb. The Droponic has you up and running in three easy steps. Mount. Assemble. Water. 

Urban Cultivator
Where kitchens come alive. Inset design — think tiny dishwasher — and all the herbs you can shake a trowel at without losing counter space or sleep.

Tegren Genie Kitchen
LIke HGH for indoor gardening, the Tegren grows plants three times faster than they would under normal outdoor conditions. Even better: requires only 10 minutes of care per month. 

The Commercial Cultivator
For this, cooking more than once a month is required. This is the full “farm-to-fork” installation. Forget dishwasher-sized; this is more like a fridge. Still sImple. Just requires more space.

Grovert Living Wall
Albeit a bit more labor intensive, the Grovert is a serious space-saver. Plus, it’s a chalkboard, so you won’t forget the thyme. 

Doesn’t require dirt. That is the beauty of hydroponic genius. Soilless stoneware that you only have to water once in its lifetime.

For going big and going home. It’s self-watering for low maintenance and sizeable enough to house an assortment of herbs, fruits and veggies.

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