Google Wants to Be Your New On-The-Go Travel Agent

Destinations on Google makes it easier to escape

By The Editors
March 9, 2016 9:00 am

Google is already in charge of storing all your documents, giving you directions and finding you unreliable medical advice, so why not let it plan your next vacation, too?

This week the omnipresent Internet titan announced a new initiative, Destinations on Google, that will integrate all of its data on flights, hotels, weather, past itineraries from previous travelers and more to provide mobile users with recommendations about travel dates, prices and activities.

To activate the feature, all you gotta do is run the ol’ Google search machine and punch in a continent, country, or state and add the word “destination.” Alternatively, you can type in a location with an activity, i.e. “Australia surfing,” “Ireland hiking,” or “Colorado skiing.”

Simple as that. An easy-to-browse list pops up and fuels your wanderlust.

Introducing Destinations on Google 1:02

Citing a 50 percent increase in travel-related queries on mobile devices last year, Destinations on Google is mobile-first-and-only.

“Instead of jumping between a dozen links or tabs to get the information you need, you can sit back and scroll — and leave the heavy lifting to us,” according to Google.

So, say goodbye to your travel agent, basically. Sorry Betsy, thanks for the memories.

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