Friend Stalking Made Easy

By The Editors
March 7, 2012 9:00 am

The only thing preventing you from telling your mover/shaker friends “good job!” is that, frankly speaking, you haven’t the foggiest idea what they’ve been moving/shaking. Be in the know, and quick, with Newsle.

A time-saving, just-out-of-beta web app from two Harvard whiz kids, Newsle uses your Facebook or Linkedin contacts to track mentions of your friends in the news — cleverly pulling all the articles on the Ted Smith you went to college with, and none on the Ted Smiths you didn’t.

Simply sign up and import your contacts with one click. Newsle analyzes over a million articles daily — from The New York Times to fringe tech blogs — and displays those that mention your peers in a clean, clutter-free feed. You can be alerted to new items via email, or just check the site at your leisure.

Each item comes complete with a one-click option to congratulate your friends via Facebook or tweet about their bit of notoriety, instantly transforming you from woefully uninformed to aggressively complimentary.

Newsle’s algorithms also keep track of you — so go ahead and congratulate yourself on being the best possible friend with the least possible amount of effort.

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