Wild Turkey Announces a Three-Generation Bourbon

A century's worth of whiskey knowledge went into Wild Turkey Generations, a collaboration between three eras of Russells

(L-R) Eddie, Bruce and Jimmy Russell, co-creators of Wild Turkey Generations.
(L-R) Eddie, Bruce and Jimmy Russell, co-creators of Wild Turkey Generations.
Campari America

Whiskey brands often tout their multi-generational distilling prowess. But that’s historical; it’s rare for three generations of distillers to actually make a spirit together. This makes Wild Turkey’s newest bottle, Generations, a unique entry in not only the brand’s history, but also in the larger world of whiskey.

Generations is the first-ever collaboration between whiskey makers Jimmy, Eddie and Bruce Russell. Together, those three represent over a century of bourbon-making experience. The new limited-edition release marks the first time Bruce Russell, an associate blender, has his signature on the bottle, right below his father Eddie and grandfather Jimmy, the latter being the longest-tenured active master distiller in the spirits industry (Eddie and Jimmy are also Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame inductees).

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“It was originally going to be just me and dad,” Bruce Russell told InsideHook this week during a tasting. “I had to convince dad to bring granddad in. Because if you know anything about them, they get along at home, but they don’t get along at work very well because [laughs] neither of them likes the other one’s whiskey too much. I’m kind of a good in-between for them.”

To make Generations, the Russells picked out four bourbons aged 9, 12, 14 and 15 years into a blend. “Jimmy really only likes 6- to 12-year-old whiskey, while my dad likes them a little older. I think if you asked him, 15 would be the perfect age for bourbon,” says Bruce. “But I actually prefer the style of whiskey my granddad did.”

A bottle of Wild Turkey Generations on a barrel
Wild Turkey Generations, out this fall.
Campari America

The final result comes in at 120.8 proof and features notes of vanilla, caramel, toffee, baking spices, aged oak, cloves and cherry. It’s certainly on par with the best of Wild Turkey’s other LTO offerings.

Only 5,000 bottles of Generations are available, and that family knowhow doesn’t come cheap, with a price of $450. According to the brand, Wild Turkey fans in the United States will also have exclusive access to a limited online pre-sale in the coming days; by signing up for the Wild Turkey community newsletter here, fans can explore the story behind this release and get early info on pre-sale availability.


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