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Adventureland: How-To Guides From Academics, Explorers and Endurance Athletes

From a large-carnivore ecologist to a free-diving champion, these experts detail the joys of adventure — and their tips for surviving it

How to Survive at Sea

Professor Mike Tipton, of the University of Portsmouth's Extreme Environments Laboratory, on staying safe in a nightmare scenario

How to Escape a Bear

Large-carnivore ecologist Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant on avoiding "Revenant"-style encounters in the wild

How to Ride the World’s Biggest Waves

Andrew Cotton, the star of HBO's "100 Foot Wave" and a Red Bull-signed athlete, on what it takes to rip with the big boys

How to Hold Your Breath for Longer

Adam Stern, Aussie free-diving champion and coach, on the art of underwater breath-holds

How to Mimic Altitude Training at Sea Level

Professor Grégoire Millet on earning those famous blood-cell benefits — without decamping to 8,000 feet

How to Hike Across a Desert

Gillian Millar, part of the first female team to cross the Namib, details the rigors of the desert

How to Navigate by the Stars

Tristan Gooley, the only man to fly and sail solo across the Atlantic, on using the night sky to find your way home

Always Angry? How Pent-Up Fury Sabotages the Body.

If you treat each day like a battle, you're going to accrue some scars

The Life Hack That Beethoven and Ben Franklin Had in Common

Time to reintroduce your brain to some old friends: pen and paper

What It Was Like to Stunt Double for Ryan Gosling in “The Fall Guy”

Ben Jenkin talks fire burns, being hit by a car and training everyone’s favorite A-lister

Meet “Racer Tom,” the 63-Year-Old Ski Resort Folk Hero

Thomas Hart amassed over seven million vertical feet at Snowbasin this season, and he's not done yet

Kelly Slater’s New Sunscreen Is the Correct Choice This Summer

Introducing Freaks of Nature, a reef-safe serum that does everything right

Do Your Meals Pack Too Much “Energy Density”?

Foods with low energy density can encourage a high-energy life

Google Fit API Shutdown Could Impact Your Fitness Devices

The announcement raises a lot of questions

No Fitness Routine Is Complete Without This Weekly Habit

Work out all you want. Just make sure to walk it out, too.