Deal: Save 30% on Supplements From LeBron's Protein Powder Brand

Bundle protein, pre-workout, hydration packs and superfood greens for $45 off

Deal: Save 30% on Supplements From LeBron's Protein Powder Brand

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After a series of searing cramps derailed LeBron James in Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals, he spent the following offseason reassessing how he was fueling his body. He enlisted a team of nutritional consultants — everyone from his personal trainer, Mike Mancias, to Arnold freaking Schwarzenegger — and began a four-year process in developing the perfect, NSF-Certified protein powder.

Over the years, that personal pursuit morphed into a legitimate brand: Ladder. James’s team, which now includes scientists from UNC and running coaches from Nike, has added pre-workout, hydration packs, and superfood greens to their arsenal. It’s certainly worked for LeBron; before COVID-19 paused (and possibly ended) the 2019-2020 NBA season, the 35-year-old was playing like a 25-year-old, and firmly part of the MVP conversation.

Now’s a great opportunity to see if it the supplements work for you. Ladder is offering 30% off sitewide at the moment, and your money is best spent on the Essentials Bundle. It includes the brand’s signature, double-walled stainless steel shaker and samples of each product. You can choose your preferred flavor and type for the protein powder (vanilla/chocolate, whey/pea), and your preferred flavor for the pre-workout (strawberry lemonade/tropical fruit). Helpfully, each product’s full nutritional information is available on the page, along with an explanation of when to best deploy it around your workout schedule.

Make sure to use code BETTEREVERYDAY at checkout.

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