Amazon Is Actually the Best Place to Buy Kettlebells

Pick up a set and try Chris Hemsworth's six-move workout

Amazon Is Actually the Best Place to Buy Kettlebells

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Earlier this week, I performed, and wrote about, a six-move kettlebell workout posted by Chris Hemsworth and his trainer Luke Zocchi to Hemsworth’s Centr fitness app. It wasn’t an easy half hour, and I’m somehow still hurting five days later, but the experience helped me finally conquer kettlebells’ intimidation barrier.

Hemsworth’s workout pays attention to the legs, core and arms, which is sort of kettlebells’ shtick. They’re effortlessly full-body, and assuming you’re willing to keep learning new moves (which can often be fun — like kettlebell halos) you could theoretically do kettlebell workouts every single day, and always have something to do. That’s why we think everyone should have a go-to set at the house.

It doesn’t have to be extensive; in fact, it probably shouldn’t be. I’d recommend two light-to-medium weighted bells, which you’ll use for exercises like walking lunges, jump squats and hammer curls, and one heavy one, which is your go-to for big leg muscle moves, like goblet squats. There are some fancy kettlebells online, and some of them have rubber grips that’ll be easier your hands. Kettlebell Kings makes a great set.

But I’d recommend going with AmazonBasics for this one. Amazon sells 10 different cast iron kettlebells, from 10 to 60 pounds. They’re glossy black and the weight is etched into the side. That’s pretty much it. You can get them for half the price of most “nice” kettlebells on the internet, and they’re going to perform the same exact task. Pick up a few, put them in the basement or under the bed, wherever people can’t stub their toes, and break them out on days you won’t make it to the gym.

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