Deal: InsideTracker’s Health Testing Kits Are 25% Off With This Exclusive Code

The future of wellness is personal. Find out what you need to know.

Time to test those biomarkers.

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InsideHook readers can currently take 25% off a health testing kit from InsideTracker, with code INSIDEHOOK.

Launched by Harvard and MIT grads in 2009, InsideTracker uses blood, DNA and lifestyle data to generate hyper-personalized lifestyle recommendations. It’s similar to what biometric wearable brands have been doing over the past few years, only the process is way more accurate — these kits assess over 40 different biomarkers, from testosterone to white-blood-cell count to triglycerides. The works.

Once it’s all tallied up, InsideTracker can paint a detailed picture of exactly what sort of shape you’re in (including your “real” age) and the steps you should take — in terms of dietary choices, workout plans and sleep needs — to set you off in the right direction. Remember: there’s a reason fad diets rarely work. Thanks to genetics and variance in lifestyle, there’s simply no “one health plan fits all” out there. Personalization is the future of wellness.

We recommend going with the Ultimate Plan, lest you get confused sifting through InsideTracker’s many smaller packages. The Ultimate includes every single testing kit, with an optional add-on for DNA testing. You can save $150 with the INSIDEHOOK code.

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