Deal: Score 25% Off This Adjustable Bowflex Kettlebell

Round out your home gym for a lot less than you'd expect

An adjustable kettlebell from Bowflex in red and black on a grey background. The workout equipment is on sale on Amazon.
You could have a whole rack of kettlebells, or this one adjustable model.

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The body you’ve been flaunting all summer is now hiding beneath layers of fabric as we welcome cooler weather back into our lives. But just because your abs and glutes are tucked away doesn’t mean you should stop training. If anything, fall introduces some of the best workout weather you’ll encounter all year. To that end, we recommend picking up Bowflex’s Adjustable Kettlebell that’s 25% off for a savings of $50.

Compact and heavy-duty, it’s the perfect tool to round out your home gym. Kettlebell workouts, despite the obvious intimidation factor, build functional, full-body muscle when performed correctly. With the turn of a dial, this one adjusts from 8 to 40 pounds so you can start with the basics and add weight over time. Bowflex also includes 24 trainer-led exercises that focus on technique through swings, rows, squats and more.

Add this equipment to your routine along with a few other essentials and never pay for a gym membership again.

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