Deal: How to Get a Month of ClassPass for Free

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ClassPass Deal

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Popular wisdom says it takes about three weeks to officially adopt a new habit. Well, we’ve made it 21 days into January. How are those fitness resolutions coming along? If you’ve established a routine, great. If you haven’t, don’t flush your dream bod down the toilet just yet.

The membership service Class Pass is currently offering an entire month free, which can be redeemed for up to nine different classes. Membership includes access to any gym, fitness studio or wellness center across the country that’s registered with ClassPass, so you can cash in on a yoga session, even if you’re far from home. Remember: ClassPass uses credits (some classes cost more than others, depending on the time of the class, the popularity of the study or instructor, etc.) but if you budget well, this is an excellent foray into the service, and a chance to experience various fitness communities in your area.

Maybe you end up joining a running club or boxing gym from this. (If you do, just cancel your membership to avoid incurring a $79 fee in the second month.) Maybe you decide you like having options, and opt to continue. However those 30 days shake out, just make sure you keep sweating.

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