Best Deal You’ll Find On a Cast-Iron Kettlebell?

Free shipping, too — which matters here

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Whether joining a gym is one of your NYE resolutions or you’ve got a stack of Ironman medals back home, your workout regimen could always use some diversification. One of the best ways to spice up your regimen? Buy yourself a new tool, and master it.

To that end, you can do no better than the trusty Kettlebell. And we know just the one to purchase — a cast iron enamel weight from (gasp) AmazonBasics, for less dough than a few days membership at your local, probably overpriced gym. 

The Kettlebell is the multitool of the workout world, a Cold Era staple that opens up your hips, strengthens your core and stabilizes the spine. Want to eradicate that lower back pain you wake up to each morn, while crafting some Hemworth-sized forearms? Buy a Kettlebell and get to know it. You’ll want to study our guide here, which is packed with tips from L.A. trainer Taylor Ramsdell. 

One of his suggestions? Select a weight in the 20-24-kg. range. That’s around 45-50-lbs.

AmazonBasics’ Kettlebell is nothing you’ve never seen before. No fancy grips or fun designs. It’s the sort of weight you’d find in the back of your grandpa’s garage growing up. But it’ll get the job done and then some, assuming you stick to the plan. We recommend picking up a light one to hammer down your form (maybe 20-lbs. for $30) along with a 40-pounder, which is currently 16% off at $44. 

And if you’re a Prime member, you get free shipping. Which makes a bit of a difference when the thing being shipped is a literal weight.

BUY HERE: $30-45

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