Deal: Learn More About Your Past and Health Via 23andMe, Now Up to $70 Off

This popular, at-home genetics testing kit offers up a treasure trove of health information, now on sale for Labor Day

23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit, now on sale for Labor Day
23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit, now on sale for Labor Day

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If you talk to the team behind 23andMe, they’ll insist they’re more than a DNA-testing kit.

In an interview with Bloomberg in June, right after the company had gone public and merged with a company founded by Richard Branson, Chief Executive Officer Anne Wojcicki talked about 23andMe (which launched back in 2006) in regards to telehealth, therapeutics and even developing drugs.

Which is great. But for you, let’s start with the fact that this a genetics testing kit that can give you a treasure trove of ancestral and health information. And right now, these DNA kits are up to $70 off, with an additional 20% off for ordering additional kits.

personalized genetic insights and tools from 23andMe DNA kits
Some of the personalized genetic insights and tools available from 23andMe

Looking to get info on your ancestry? That’s on sale for $79. Wanna tack on 65 additional health reports, with an emphasis on genetic health risks, related to your DNA findings? Get the kit for $129, down from $199. (Hint: Once you get this info, pair it with an app like the just-launched Genomelink 2.0 and take an even deeper dive into your body and mind traits.)

Two small caveats: You’ll have to submit your email to get the offer. And the sale ends Sept. 7.

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