The Closest Thing You’ll Get to a Vintage Military Watch for Under $150

Won't take a bullet. But at this price, you don't need it to.

February 10, 2017 9:00 am

The modern wristwatch as we know it was a product of wartime.

The original wearable tech, so to speak, it evolved from the pocket watch as a reliable solution for soldiers during WWI to tell time on the battlefield safely and efficiently. Thanks to its unrivaled practicality, its usage only grew from there; by WWII, civilians were strapping clocks to their wrists in numbers. In fact, most of what we’ve come to expect from today’s timepieces owes its heritage to the standard-issue military field watch: round cases with backings to protect the movement, with contrasting markers and large luminescent dials for increased legibility, even at night.

We’re telling you all this because a new released pays handsome homage to that history. For their third collaborative watch, menswear label Todd Snyder dug through the Timex archives to bring us a rugged-but-contemporary ticker inspired by the mil-spec watches of the 1970s.

It’s a mighty watch that balances simple retro styling with modern upgrades like sleeker stainless steeling casing and an INDIGLO Night-Light lume. But it’s the styling, along with affordability, that plays into this watch’s buyability: clean and functional design, finished off with a comfortable NATO nylon watch strap.

And at $138, the price ain’t too shabby, either.

Head on over to Todd Snyder to get yours now.

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