Timex Is Taking 25% Off Hundreds of Colorful Watches

Spend more than $99 and you'll get a discount on everything from the Q Reissues to the retro Marlin hand-wound timepiece

Q Timex Reissue 38mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch
The Q Timex Reissue 38mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch, now on sale

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Time to buy a new watch because it’s … spring? Whatever your made-up reason, today is a good day to grab a new ticker, and the smartest way to upgrade is via the latest sale at Timex. Right now it’s 15% off when you spend $49 or more on select items from the brand’s official website, and then 25% off if you spend $99 or more.

And the great news is that these are good-looking and durable watches that have a history of fair pricing. When the Timex watch debuted in 1950 (from the then-monikered U.S. Time Company), jewelers wouldn’t carry the timepiece because of its low 50 percent markup (other brands were offering 100 percent). 

So the company started promoting its inexpensive timepieces in drugstores and department stores, emphasizing their durability (“takes a licking keeps on ticking”) and affordable prices — a practice they continue today.

Timex Marlin® Hand-Wound California Dial 34mm Fabric Strap Watch
The Timex Marlin Hand-Wound California Dial 34mm Fabric Strap Watch, currently $50 off

Admittedly, this latest sale is on select items — for example, some but not all of the Q Timex reissues are part of the sale — but you should be able to find something you like among the 220 discounted items. Random find for us: The Marlin Hand-Wound California Dial 34mm Fabric Strap Watch, a 1960s-inspired timepiece with a colorful band, now just $150.

Be sure to use the code SAVEMORE and check to see that your preferred style is part of the sale.

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