Shinola Just Hired a New Watch Designer: You

You can customize this watch 305 different ways

April 27, 2017 9:00 am

Shinola has proven its mettle in the timepiece trade, even offering custom watch bars at some of its brick-and-mortars across the U.S. Should you be out of range, or prefer to shop for luxury timepieces from your desk, there’s the new ultra-minimalist Canfield Bolt.

Part of the lifestyle brand’s rapidly expanding custom watch arm known as the Willard Program, the Canfield Bolt is the most accessible. If you’re ordering a $600+ watch online, you don’t want to be surprised by any unsightly elements when it shows up on your doorstep. Thanks to this simple, sleek design, this one’s a safe bet.

Shinola Canfield Bolt (3 images)

The appeal here is Shinola hasn’t stamped their name on the face. Instead they opted for their signature lightning bolt which complements the clean sandblast sunray dial. The size (43mm stainless steel) and mechanics (three hands powered by their Argonite 713.2 quartz movement) also come standard. After that, it’s in your hands.

The case can be had in blue, black, green, gold or silver. For the straps, well, we’d be here all day if we had to list the pros and cons of the 61 choices. Yes, that means there are 305 potential watches here. Although, we can recommend the black, teak and football leather straps. As for the teal alligator or orange rubber — you’ve got to have a certain panache to pull those off.

The different variations range from $624–$850, and are available for your clicking now.

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