Deal: Shinola’s Best Watches Are Up to $300 Off at Nordstrom

The Monster automatic and Duck quartz rarely go on sale

Shinola Monster and Duck watches
Quack, quack, quack, Mr. Ducksworth!

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As far as we’re concerned, Shinola is currently running the best comeback campaign of the year. After debuting to much fanfare, then losing some cred due to qualms about the definition of “American-made,” they’re now back to doing what we’ve always wanted: designing damn good watches.

Specifically, we’re talking about the Monster and Duck editions, the former a line of beefy automatic timepieces inspired by American waterways, the latter a quartz-powered lineup that uses color as good as any Swiss counterpart. Both lines have been in demand, which means they rarely go on sale, but today is the day they finally get a discount — up to a whopping $300 off.

The discounts are only available at Nordstrom, and you’ll need to be a Nordstrom member to take advantage of them (but it’s free and takes a minute to sign up, so we promise it’s worth your time). Once you’re logged in, you can take up to $300 off select items depending on how much you spend ($300 off $1,200 or more, $200 off $800, $100 off $400, and $50 off $250) — Shinola watches included. In the Duck department, we particularly like the yellow dial with the yellow rubber strap and the black dial with the subtle beige accents. As for the Monsters, the Lake Superior edition is a classic (and makes a great first automatic watch if you’re looking for more holiday gifts) but we would personally most like to wear the Harbor Monster with the bold red dial.

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