Here’s a 60-Second Supercut of Rolex’s Most Iconic Movie Cameos

The award for thing most likely to be worn by a famous guy ...

By The Editors
February 28, 2017 9:00 am

The most infamous watch in movie history is a fictional gold number that was bought in a little store in Knoxville during WWI and went on to spend seven years in a very uncomfortable place.

However Tinseltown’s most beloved ticker, considering it was worn in blockbusters by stars ranging from Al Pacino to Harrison Ford to the late Bill Paxton — has to be the Rolex.

Rolex’s rich history with Hollywood was highlighted during a minute-long spot that aired during the Academy Awards with the tagline: “It doesn’t just tell time — It tells history.”

Featuring the aforementioned stars as well as icons like Paul Newman, Dennis Hopper and Marlon Brando, the “Celebrating Cinema” spot might end up winning an award of its own.

Just don’t ask Warren Beatty or Faye Dunaway — who’re in the ad as well — to deliver it.

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