The Best Way to Snag a Rolex Between Now and Christmas

New or vintage, pick your poison.

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The fine folks over at Bob’s Watches are running a fun promotion between now and December 21st — the 12 Days of Rolex Auction, wherein they’re auctioning off a different Rolex each day leading up to the final shipping day before Christmas. The lineup is pretty impressive, featuring new and vintage models that represent many different parts of the illustrious brand’s collection.

Of particular note to in-the-know collectors will be the 1971 Sea Dweller Double Red, which has a starting (starting!) bid of $20,000. Slightly more attainable and still plenty awesome is the 1970 Red Sub, which will start at $9,000. The one to watch, though, if you’re looking for a good deal on a vintage Rolex sports model with some nice patina, is the 1983 Sub 16800, scheduled to start at a totally reasonable $3,000.

On the final day of the sale, Bob’s is auctioning off a 1972 reverse panda dial Daytona 6265, which, thanks to the recent popularity of the style, is sure to climb much higher than its $15,000 starting price.

If you’re instead looking for a new model, there are plenty to choose from. There’s an all-gold President with diamond encrusted hour markers, a simple and elegant Explorer, and a Daytona 16520. Today’s auction is for the 44mm Sea-Dweller Deepsea, which, as of this writing, has 16 bids on it and is up to $8,100.

It’s worth noting that all the auctions have reserve prices set on them, so you’re not likely to get too much of a steal, but they’re certainly worth keeping an eye on if you’re in the market.

Image: Bob’s Watches

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