Curious About Tiny Homes? Take Your Pick of the Litter.

New service gives a no-strings-attached trial of micro-living

September 21, 2017 9:00 am

Ever been tempted to throw it all away — the master bedroom, the walk-in closet, the plushly renovated basement — for life in a tiny house? Residential housing in America is remarkably insulated from trends: We generally share the same idea of what a “home” looks like, whether it’s a city apartment or your typical suburban three-bedroom spread. Tiny houses have been one of the few new ideas to reshape that idea. It’s easy to figure out why when you consider that the tiny house movement is born of the housing crisis: It’s a lot harder to end up in foreclosure when you’re talking about a 300-square-foot trailer than a suburban palace a couple times that. 

Try It Tiny, then, is the next logical step for the trend: An Airbnb-like reservation site that only traffics in tiny homes (and trailers, and the like). You can rent a tiny home, or just land for a trailer or RV. The pickings are surprisingly varied. Are you looking for an “intentional community” in California looking to add another tiny home or two to its developing neighborhood? Maybe a spot on a Utah ranch at the base of a mountain — with wifi? Or a tiny home in Indianapolis with a check-in that includes a craft beer tasting? It’s all there — and it feels more like an introduction to a lifestyle than a new booking service. 


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