The First Rule of Airbnb Is That You Have to Own These 10 IKEA Pieces, Apparently

‘It'll have more character than a hotel room,’ they said

March 13, 2017 9:00 am

If you’ve ever been inside an Airbnb — or God help you, rented out your own place on the space-sharing site — you know what to expect. A series of emails about how to get the keys. A framed print-out of the wifi password. A binder with takeout menus from a bunch of local favorites.

And, without question, a sampling of these IKEA staples. 

Maybe you’ve grown out of the Billy bookcase or Lack side table, but nothing says “I don’t even care if they have an orgy on the couch because as soon as I pay off my student loans and stop doing this, it’s going in the garbage” like furniture that costs less than dinner for two at McDonald’s. 

Here, a compendium of the greatest hits.

The Näckten Bath Mat
Because nothing says “absorbancy” like a $2 bath mat

The Emme Ruta Duvet
Because “gray plaid” is the Ritz cracker of bedding. 

The Billy Bookcase
(Uncorrobated) fact: 92 percent of American households have a Billy bookcase somewhere. 

The Ektorp Sofa
The cheapest IKEA couch that is not actual garbage. 

The Tvingen Shower Curtain
Design brief
: not moldy, “groovy” aesthetic. 

The Tekla Towel
This dish towel
 won’t actually dry anything, but somehow it looks more together than, like, a couple spare sheets of Bounty.

The Maskros Lamp
It’s officially more work than the classic paper lantern situation, but this pendant lamp is still ubiquitous. 

The Bild Map
Requisite poster of any city
. Bonus points if the city shown is not the city where the Airbnb is located. 

The IKEA PS Cabinet
It’s lockable, which means this is where all the good stuff is. 

The Lack Table
This is a piece of furniture that costs about the same as a paperback book — which means condensation rings are not a thing you need to worry about. 


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