Another Glass Igloo Village Opened in Finland. We’re Cool With It.

Yes, each room comes with a private sauna

January 24, 2019 9:00 am

If we didn’t know any better, it seems like Finland’s determined to bring a mini village of ice huts to every forest clearing in Lapland. 

Remember the Arctic Fox Igloos? Santa’s preferred boutique hotel? Not that we’re mad about it. The country’s basically selling first row seats to the Northern Lights. 

That list will now have to include Snowman World Glass Resort, a collection of igloo apartments in Rovianemi that each come with their own private sauna. 

Finland (4 images)

Rovianemi is also home to Finland’s famous Santa Village, plus this popular ice plunge. So don’t worry, you’re not headed into the cut up here. Glass Resort is actually an addition to the larger Snowman World, which has all sorts of tubing fun for the tots, “Aurora safaris” and its own ice restaurant. (Here’s a picture of two ice vikings dancing, if you really want to understand the vibe at Snowman.)

You’ll be staying in a Glass Resort igloo, though. These things take their cue from the lavuus — a sort of beefed-up teepee once lived in by the indigenous Finno-Ugric Sami people — before adding a healthy dose of contemporary Scandinavian design sensibilities. Each igloo has a private sauna, yes, plus a hot spring outdoor spa, a double bed, mini kitchen and rain shower. There’s even a flat screen and Wifi, but we have a feeling you won’t be needing either. 

For more information on booking a couple nights at Glass, head here

All images via World Glass Resort


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