High Times

By The Editors
June 18, 2012 9:00 am

A truly romantic camping experience harmoniously blends a man’s attempts to conquer the unforgiving wilderness, with a woman’s attempts at patiently humoring him.

Live that dream at Sequoia High Sierra Camp, a gorgeous, luxury wilderness camp 8,000 feet above sea level (and three hours east of San Francisco), just now taking reservations for the summer.

Sequoia High Camp

The last luxury outpost before you enter two million acres of High Sierra wilderness, Sequoia’s perched on the vertiginous heights of a wooded hillside overlooking sheer canyons, shimmering lakes and a dizzying treescape of cloud-scraping redwoods.

Sequoia High Camp

The camp’s only accessible by two trails — one a mile from a trailhead parking lot, the other a half-day, 12-mile “challenge” — and surrounding activities include nature hikes along the seven Sheep Camp Lakes and Mitchell Peakhorseback riding in the Lodgepole Pine Forest, and fly fishing.

There’s no camping gear required here: the resort includes 32 private canvas “tent-en-suites,” hot showers and three squares per day at a Roman-style dining pavilion, where a typical dinner includes filet of tilapia, truffled mashed potatoes and a succulent French red.

Because if there’s one thing you’re both well-equipped to conquer, it’s a bottle of Bordeaux.


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