Headed to Italy? Skip the Vespa and Rent One of These Retro Electric Fiats.

Hertz partnered with Garage Italia to offer the quintessential Italian joyrider

Rent an Electric Fiat 500 Jolly in Italy From Hertz and Garage Italia
Next time you're in Italy, rent this Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina Icon-e from Hertz.

“As 1960s jet-setters partied down at sandy beaches all over the world, they were most often seen not in their Ferraris or Maseratis but behind the wheel of a Fiat Jolly.” 

That’s RM Sotheby’s in an auction listing for a 1958 model of the classic Italian joyrider. But instead of being a footnote in automotive history, the car is coming back in a big way: Garage Italia has built all-electric versions they’re calling the Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina Icon-e, and you can rent them exclusively through Hertz Italy.

That’s right, the Vespa has just been dethroned as the Italian vacation rental of choice. 

How to Rent an Electric Fiat 500 Jolly From Hertz Italy
What electric Fiat 500 Jolly will you rent: Hertz yellow, retro blue or Italian flag? (Hertz)

How to rent a Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina Icon-e

The electric Fiats are available now through Hertz Italy’s “Selezione Italia” program, in which renters can skip the economy jalopy for an iconic Italian automobile like an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio or Abarth 124 Spider convertible. You can rent them via phone or Hertz’s online portal until September 30th, with prices starting at €300 per day, and pick them up in Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples, Olbia, Catania or Palermo. So if you don’t have a trip planned yet, hop to it.

Why this is the ultimate car to rent in Italy

Obviously, the reason to rent your own car in Italy is to see more of the picturesque cities than you would with your own two feet, and the lack of doors and a roof here will help you on that account. Unlike a Vespa, you won’t be as worried about maneuvering around potholes (or lead-footed locals); but it’s just as photogenic, with three available colors: the Italian flag, Hertz yellow and classic blue. And unlike many other rental offerings, this features an automatic transmission (it is electric, after all). Speaking of, Hertz notes the range on this Fiat is around 75 miles, which is perfectly acceptable for your puttering around purposes. Oh, and there are four seats in this pipsqueak, which means you can bring the whole family, plan a double-date vacation or just have more room for your luggage.

Rent Electric Fiat 500 Jolly From Hertz Italy and Garage Italia
This could be us, and Hertz Italy isn’t playin’. (Hertz)

Yes, the pairing of Flordia’s own Hertz with an Italian leader in bespoke restomods is not something we expected, but that’s just how we prefer our European vacations: unpredictable. 

If you can’t make it to Italy before this run ends in September, all is not lost. In a press release, Vincent Gillet, Hertz’s vice president of international marketing, said “there’s a lot more to come” for the rental company’s Selezione Italia program. And on Garage Italia’s website, the company notes the “Jolly Icon-e is only the first drop for this project, to be followed by other seasonal releases that Garage Italia is currently developing.”

Rest assured, Hertz has more kooky cars in the works. And you’ll be able to rent them.

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