Qantas Has Started Selling Fully Stocked Bar Carts From 747s

For about $1,000, you could get the cart plus mini wine bottles, PJs and Tim Tams

airline bar cart
Miss the airplane bar cart? Qantas started selling them.
Instants / Getty Images

We actually miss air travel, and we mean the actual process of getting somewhere.

We even miss the bar cart. In fact, some grounded fliers had a chance to relive those brief and boozy in-air interactions when Qantas decided to sell off a fully stocked bar cart from a retired Qantas 747.

As the airline’s online wine store (!) noted in their write-up:

Includes a range of Business Class items, including Champagne, mini bottles of red and white wine, Tim Tams, iconic Qantas pyjamas, an exclusive Qantas First Class Sheridan throw and more.

A couple of caveats here: The bar cart (or maybe carts — we’re unsure how many were for sale) was used and showed signs of wear and tear, there was no booze outside of wine, and the cart was only available in Australia (it’s now sold out).

online listing for a Qantas 747 full bar cart
The listing for the bar cart that was briefly on sale at Qantas.
Screenshot/Qantas Wine

But keep watching for sales like this! British Airways was recently selling off mini-bottles of gin and 30,000 lbs. of mixed nuts intended for United are up for grabs. Due to the ongoing travel restrictions, expect to see more airline inventory up for grabs.

As the travel site One Mile at a Time suggests: “I’m sure I’m not the only avgeek who loves this concept. Emirates, if you’re looking to offload any bar carts with Dom Perignon and caviar, I’m sure you’d have some takers.”

Meanwhile, they may not be fully stocked, but it’s pretty easy to find an airplane bar cart for sale.


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