We Found You an Adventure Concierge

Wilderness meets luxury with Natural Retreats

By The Editors
October 5, 2015 9:00 am

The scenario: you and four buddies want to get out of town. Beat a trail. Pass a bottle around the fire. Howl at the moon.

You know: guy shit.

That said…a stellar meal, a well-mixed cocktail and a soft pillow at the end of the night wouldn’t kill ya.

That’s why there’s Natural Retreats, the “adventure concierge” that curates luxury backcountry jaunts based on your desired location and interests.

Coast, mountain, wilderness — whatever your flavor, they’ve got it covered.

Try these three outings on for size:

The Highlands
Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina
Mountain views, crisp air and quiet. Days are filled with falconry lessons and whitewater rafting on the Nantahala River with nights on a porch at a secluded Lake Osseroga cabin.

Homestead Preserve
Allegheny Mountains, Virginia
Channel your inner (and slightly inebriated) Captain John Smith with Whiskey in the Woods. Hike through the George Washington National Forest during the day and taste some of the best whiskey our great nation has to offer at the Catoctin Creek Distillery once the sun goes down. (Or you can go straight to the whiskey. You’re in the forest, there’s no one here to judge you.)

South Fork Lodge
near Idaho Falls, Idaho
A day of flyfishing for big browns on the Snake River, followed by a table set with fresh halibut and seared NY Strip. Retire to lakeside cabins for some R&R complete with jacuzzi and fireplace.

There’s no schedule. There are no rules. Just you, luxe housing, a local expert and some pals.

And there’s no additional cost for for Natural Retreats services, which include a Retreat Manager to greet you and watch after the group’s every need and an Xplore Team member to guide and offer expert tips on your adventure.

The wilderness awaits. Check it out.

Photo by Alan English.


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