The 10 Most-Liked Airbnbs on Instagram in 2021

From A-frames and treehouses to villas and boathouses, here are the most liked homes from the past year

Zion EcoCabin : Zion A-Frame
Zion EcoCabin : Zion A-Frame

There is nothing I love more than perusing Airbnb listings — generally of the Luxe or Plus variety — that I cannot afford. Perhaps it’s because it’s more reasonable to envision myself staying at at a bamboo mansion in Bali for a night or two than it is to envision myself owning it, but either way, my Airbnb Wishlists are long, meticulously curated wellsprings of travel inspo which I frequently revisit.

Fortunately, you need not go that far to get inspired, because the official Airbnb Instagram account does all of that for you. Purveyor of beautiful homes and luxury properties worldwide, it’s amassed over five million followers — all of whom presumably appreciate a good Airbnb listing as much as me — and will likely have you thirsting over a shipping container in the Catskills.

Further, Airbnb has just released their most-liked homes on Instagram of 2021. The swoon-worthy list consists of an assortment of A-frames, villas and boathouses, all of which are still live and ready to be reserved in 2022. Treehouse in Fletcher, North Carolina, for what ails ya? It’s in there.

Below, Airbnb’s “most popular user generated content” from the year past. I’ll be busy manifesting a stay in #6.

1. Zion EcoCabin (Hildale, UT, United States)

2. Raven Rock Treehouse (Fletcher, NC, United States)

3. Crow’s Nest (Monte Rio, CA, United States)

4. The Kingdom A-frame (Burke, VT, United States)

5. The Woodlands House (Sandy, OR, United States)

6. Villa Amalfi (Tulum, Mexico)

7. Mariner Boathouse (Belgrade, Serbia)

8. Maison Lafleur (Le Vignau, France)

9. Hermosa Cabaña (Mineral del Chico, Hidalgo, Mexico)

10. Historic Guesthouse and Gardens (Marietta, GA, United States)


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