How to Sail the Roman Ruins on Sardinia's Coast on a 46-Foot Catamaran

And save $500 when you do, courtesy of a holiday deal from Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura Sardinia Sailing Trip

Atlas Obscura’s profiled the globe’s hidden gems for over a decade, detailing offbeat historical sites, trails, shops, natural wonders and eateries both in books and online. In 2016, the travel brand actually started visiting those places firsthand, and bringing interested guests along for the ride.

These days, Atlas Obscura’s full roster of guided trips is enormous, and includes a line of experiences the brand calls “Unique Trips to Extraordinary Places.” We’re bringing your attention to an eight-day adventure in particular, called Sailing Sardinia’s Hidden Coastlines.

The experience is produced in partnership with Sailing Collective (a bespoke charter company) and sails eight guests around Sardinia’s unspoiled coastlines on a 46-foot catamaran. For those who prefer vacations that really take their time getting to know a place, this is one hell of a shot to settle in. Captain Tyler Sauter will steer the boat past Roman ruins, bunkers built during Napoleon’s reign and abandoned lighthouses, and anchor it at beaches and coves that other tourists can’t reach.

All you have to do (beyond being a smart, non-asshat of a guest) is sit back and enjoy Alida Borgna’s cooking, snap some pictures and not check your email. Atlas Obscura is currently staging a holidays deal for both runs of this trip (it’s going down from 6/27-7/4 and 7/11-7/18 next year) and when you refer a guest — like, say, your significant other — you both get $250 off. At $3,580 a head, it won’t be the cheapest trip of your life, but sometimes that’s the price of making memories. Find more info here.


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