This Might Just Be the Platonic Ideal of the Glass House

Go ahead and throw stones. There's no one for miles.

October 11, 2016 9:00 am

The best thing about tiny cabins made out of glass is you’ll never want for more space.

Just look outside — there’s all the space you need.

This is especially true about a glass cabin plopped in the middle of the quaint Kiwi countryside, which is, in a transparent nutshell, what’s on offer from New Zealand vacation rental company PurePods.

With three locations outside of Christchurch, PurePods offers rental properties built entirely from glass, from the ceilings to the walls right down to the floor. Outfitted with all the essentials to keep you comfortable when you’re off-the-grid — a kitchen, small dining area and fully functioning bathroom — the one-room rentals are an exercise in stately minimalism.

Aside from the beauty of staying in a glass cabin, lest we not forget you’ll be surrounded by it:

As for food, each location offers a dinner and breakfast food package visitors can make upon reservation, which include a “relaxed platter style of cheeses, meats, preserves, fresh produce and something decadently sweet to finish.”

Head on over to PurePods to book your next New Zealand escape.

Let’s hope they’ve got space for you.


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