Fact: Nature Is More Sublime From a Spiraling Observation Tower

Where to find the 21st century's very own Tower of Babel

January 23, 2017 9:00 am

When you think “Tower of Babel,” you think spiral structure leading to the heavens, right?

Well, looks like the Danes just approved a 21st century model.

On January 20th, Copenhagen architecture firm EFFEKT got the go-ahead to build the biblically evocative observation deck as part of the forest sports facility Camp Adventure.

“The tower will link to the rest of the attraction via a connected walkway leading visitors on a 600m journey around the forest,” writes CLAD. And since the current complex includes bridges, cable cars, trapeze and zip lines up to 82 above the forest floor — and is only one hour south from Copenhagen — you better add it alongside Hamlet’s castle to your list of Denmark excursions.

Since it will be built in a preserved forest, EFFEKT notes they are dedicated to “disturbing the existing surroundings as little as possible.” It will also be as accommodating as possible. While the woods aren’t the most maneuverable of locales for people with physical disabilities, the ramp design was intentional to allow access for all to the glorious views.

Unfortunately, the actual height of the tower has been set at 45 meters (147.6 feet). So while you’ll be well above the treeline, don’t expect to glimpse the Pearly Gates (or be cursed with a new language).

No date has been set for completion, but go ahead and put a price watch on flights to Denmark.


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