The 10 Best Barn Conversions to Rent on Airbnb

From Montana to Vermont to the English countryside

The 10 Best Barn Conversions to Rent on Airbnb

Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all — the city, the people, the noise. But before you book some tropical vacation, where you’re likely to experience hordes of people who had the same idea (thus defeating the purpose of the trip), consider renting a barn instead. Yes, an entire barn.

You probably want to imagine some crumbling, rustic structure that poses a range of dangers and is unfit for occupancy, but we’re not suggesting you slum it in any old abandoned barn you happen to stumble across. Just as barns have grown to become sought-after wedding venues, they’re also highly desirable vacation rentals — and there’s a big market for them on Airbnb.

The barns available to rent on the site fall under the category of converted, so while their exterior might look quaint and unassuming, the interior is likely to be sparkling new, with state-of-the-art amenities. So yes, you will have running water and heat. Some of the barns lean into their roots more than others, replete with patterned quilts and old school appliances, while others aim to create a marked difference between their inside and outside (i.e. chipping paint on the outside and completely renovated on the inside).

You still might be wondering why you should choose a barn as your next vacation destination, especially when there are seemingly more luxurious options out there. But if you’re really seeking a place where you can experience some semblance of solitude and quiet, the seclusion of a barn will provide that. They’re the perfect opportunity to get a group together, whether it be family or friends or both, and have a place (and experience) entirely to yourselves.

Below you’ll find 10 of the best barns, from Georgia to California, ideal for the unexpected getaway.

Barn on the Pond Barn Style Lodging

Saugerties, New York

Secluded Romantic Barn Set in English Countryside

Devon, England, United Kingdom

Luxurious Barn With New England Charm

Fairfield, Connecticut

Retro Modern 1790s Hudson Valley Barnhouse Space

Warwick, New York

Renovated Barn Loft on 20-Acre Farm

Concord, North Carolina

The Barn – Unique, Classic, and Beautiful

Macon, Georgia

Historic Greensboro Barn

Greensboro, Vermont

The Blue Barn

Albion, California

Vintage Barn at Mulberry Springs

Stanardsville, Virginia

Renovated Luxury Barn Bordering on Flathead Lake

Somers, Montana

All images from Airbnb


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