America’s Best Wilderness Resort Is Now a Year-Round Affair

Montana’s Paws Up is the perfect all-seasons retreat

November 7, 2016 9:00 am

Fill in the blank:

“If _______ wins I’m moving to ________ .”

Can’t help you with the first one.

The second? We suggest a retreat to the very secluded luxury of The Resort at Paws Up in Montana.

Ensconced far away from this week’s turmoil, Paws Up delivers perfect serenity, five-star wilderness luxury (camp butlers included) and, starting this month, they’ll be open 365 days a year.

We’re already fans of Paws Up, long considered the grandfather of the modern “glamping” movement. The resort inspired A River Runs Through It, for God’s sake. It’s 37,000 acres of idyllic wilderness mixed with the amenities of a five-star hotel, and all located just 25 minutes outside of Missoula.

What to expect? Private chefs, the aforementioned camp butlers and VIP lodging. How many tents do you know that come with WiFi, heated floors/towel racks and 3-bedroom/2-bathroom arrangements?

And now that the resort has gone 365 days a year, they’ve added a number of cool new winter events, including full Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, a Winter Food and Wine Fest that beckons assorted James Beard nominees, and activities like downhill tubing, skiing, sleigh rides, an actual triathlon and skijoring (a mix of dogsledding and skiing).

Next year, Paws Up will introduce their largest camp yet, a wellness/spa retreat and overhauls to The Sky Line, their new aerial/ropes course.

Jeeves’ll book all that for ya.


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