10 Airbnbs With Highly Covetable Dream Kitchens

A new way to experience local cuisine while you travel: prepare it yourself.

Airbnbs With Covetable Dream Kitchens

When you travel, you gotta eat. It’s part of the fun of traveling — the prospect of trying new cuisine at new locations in a new setting. For some, it’s the best part.

But, during this time of COVID-19, while you may finally feel comfortable enough to travel, you might still be hesitant to dine out. Which is why we’ve taken to searching for Airbnbs with sparkling, spacious kitchens. Luckily there are many such options across the country.

Having to prepare your own meals could be seen as a bit of a drag, but we’d venture that it’s just another way to explore a local food scene. Find a local farmer’s market, a few good specialty food shops; talk to their proprietors about what’s fresh, what types of dishes are specific to the region and why. Go find some local craft beer, a good wine wine shop, whatever, and make a night of it. Hell, make a week of it.

Below are 10 airbnbs with kitchens fit for a chef, located everywhere from upstate New York to historic downtowns in South Carolina. Just because you might not be dining out while traveling doesn’t mean you can’t still eat great.

Sundance House in Historic Downtown

Charleston, South Carolina

Luxe Home with Pool, Tennis Court, Outdoor Kitchen

Paradise Valley, Arizona

Family Home with Gourmet Kitchen

Dallas, Texas

Contemporary Retro Revival Cottage

Richmond, Virginia

Stowe Home with Gourmet Kitchen, Large Deck with Mountain View

Stowe, Vermont

Four Floor/4BR Home with Garden and Chef’s Kitchen

Brooklyn, New York

Modern Home with Gourmet Kitchen and Backyard

Thousand Oaks, California

The Roscoe House Near Wrigley Field

Chicago, Illinois

Private Newly Renovated 1820 Farmhouse

West Hurley, New York


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