Catskills Design Firm Homestedt Name Their 9 Camping Essentials

The Upstate wilderness virtuosos want you to adventure better, smarter and handsomer

Your key to a better outdoor experience
Peter Crosby

A lot of cityfolk these days like to head Upstate to “get closer to nature.” But hitting up a brewery and then falling asleep on some Ikea furniture in a lakeside Airbnb isn’t going to turn you into John Muir overnight.

For something a little more authentic, the outdoor aficionados behind the Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club are back to assist with their newest endeavor, Homestedt

Homestedt is a lot of things: They sell home and outdoor goods out of a new shop in Livingston Manor. They operate the Catskills Brewery Cottages and Lady Pomona BnB. And they rent out safari tents and camping gear for Upstate excursions.

Basically, they’re a soup-to-nuts curator of any outdoor weekend you can dream up, whether it’s a romantic getaway, boys weekend, company retreat or even wedding.

Curious to learn more about what to expect from the new venture, we asked founders Anna and Tom Roberts to share the nine camping essentials they swear by, which are all conveniently available from their new shop in Livingston Manor.

(Hults Bruk)

A Good Hatchet: Hults Bruk 

“You don’t need to be felling trees to survive in the woods, but you do need to split and feather some wood to start a fire. A small hatchet is perfect for this, and Hults Bruk have been hand-forging them in Norway for 400 years.” 

Outside Institute Field Guide 

“Live off the land. The forest can be your panty if you know how to use it, and for this there is no better manual than the Outside Institute Field Guide, illustrated beautifully to identify different varieties.”

A great cookbook: Salt Smoke Time 

“Know what to do with the food you find or catch. Traditional cooking techniques are best. To pack light, copy some recipes in a note bad and bring them with you on the trail.” 

(Byer of Maine)

Camp chairs: Byer of Maine 

“No point in camping if you can’t sit down and enjoy the view.” 

A flask (preferably) shaped like a trout

“Perfect for the campfire, a nip of good whisky is perfect for keeping warm on a chilly summer evenings.” 

Natural Mosquito Repellent

“Skip the DEET and go with an all-natural repellent. This cream is made from a blend of natural essential oils; it wards of mosquitoes and ticks, and also acts as a salve for any bites. Developed by a woodland ranger, so it’s tried and tested in the harshest of conditions.” 

Enamelware mugs and plates: Crow Canyon and Barebones 

“Light, stylish and endlessly durable.”


A great skillet: Field Company

“Not the lightest, but great for cooking just about everything and durable enough to last a lifetime.” 

Some good beer: The Catskill Brewery 

“Their amazing beers are available in cans direct from the brewery for lighter packing.”

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