This Involves Costumes, Food Fights and Trespassing

And probably some rulebreaking.

August 14, 2015 9:00 am

It has come to our attention that the average American spends too much time at a desk and not nearly enough time hellraising.

Hellraising as in: Driving faster than the indicated limit. Wearing silly costumes. Sneaking into abandoned buildings. Throwing food at people. Breaking things (rules, mostly).

This will help you fix that:

Rental Car Rally, a Cannonball Run-meets-Atlas Obscura road race now accepting entries for their first Midwestern edition.

RCR’s motto: “Get the full insurance.”

Why that’s their motto: because on September 18th, they’re going to lead all manner of wacko and ruffian on a madcap 24-hour road rally from Chicago to Detroit.

Your marching orders:

1) Make friends. Then talk those friends into being your teammates. Sign up.

2) Acquire vehicle. It doesn’t have to be a rental car, although they recommend using a car that doesn’t hold any sentimental value. There have been, uh, incidents in the past.

3) Explore America. Your participation packet includes a list of checkpoints at which you must take pictures. These checkpoints are kept secret until the rally. However, past stops have included “abandoned amusement parks,” “Satanic domes” and “secret junkyards.”

At the finish line, the rally organizers throw a huge party.

And then you go back to your desk.

But you go back to it having raised hell.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

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