This Is What 565 mph Looks Like

August 10, 2015 9:00 am

Every city has its own summer rites.

Here in Chicago, it’s the beach. Rooftop eats. Sailing the barbarous coasts of Lake Michigan.

Smash those three together and add supersonic combat jets and you’ve got another:

The annual Air & Water Show.

The question, however: from whence should a discerning man watch?

Our answer: a Spectator’s Guide to the Air & Water Show, a compendium of nine of the best spots to catch the show this weekend.

This year is the year to go.

Because in addition to the Blue Angels, you can catch France’s Breitling Jet Team on their first ever U.S. tour. They’re bringing with them a hefty special edition pilot watch. Also seven L-39 C Albatros jets that go fast. Very fast.

But we both know North Ave. beach can be a trying experience.

You need elbow space. Preferably on a perch. With a cocktail.

Better yet, a boat.

Because the best “oohs” and “aahs”? They come from the water.

Now get out there and enjoy the show.

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