Sir, Your Private Chopper Is Outside
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Sir, Your Private Chopper Is Outside

The city's first heliport is open for business

  • 21 April 2015

Chicago by helicopter: strong first date.

Or second date. Or fiftieth.

The drive out to the suburbs to get to the choppa: unnecessarily long.

At least according to these guys: Chicago Helicopter Experience, the heli service that just opened the city’s first and only private heliport, taking reservations now.

CHE used to operate an hour out, in Wheeling — a drive longer than the flight itself.

Now they’re taking off from a complex on the South Branch of the Chicago River. Five acres. A 17,500 square-foot hangar. Enough helipads for 14 whirlybirds.

Once you get there, it’s just a few minutes till your bird’s-eye to the city — taking a loop-the-loop from McCormick Place past Wrigley Field to Montrose Harbor and back again.

That’s a whole lot of ground and a whole lot of views.

In short, it’s a summer to-do. So, give ‘em a ring to book your journey. Daytime, sunset and nighttime flights are available.

Also worth noting: firework flights.

How’s that for a first date?

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