7 Non-Tacky Pieces of ‘Thrones’ Memorabilia to Buy Ahead of the Premiere

From Iron Throne pencil holders to handcrafted chess sets

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Hey, fully grown adults: stop buying sword replicas. And sterling silver necklaces with pendants etched in Elvish. And graphic tees that read “House [Your Last Name].” That money is better spent on concerts or ballgames. Or … groceries. 

Despite the inherent goofiness of fantasy memorabilia, though, we’ve found ourselves getting a bit nostalgic ahead of Sunday’s Game of Thrones premiere, and a bit eager for a totem to remember these years by. It’s been a long while since the show debuted on April 17, 2011. Around 195 characters have been killed off, and in the finale season, those remaining will juggle a zombie apocalypse marching in from the North with that ever-present titular bid for the Iron Throne.

You can nosedive Reddit for odds on who will be left standing. But today, we’re here to talk about stuff. And guess what: it’s possible to commemorate these lovely, bloody seasons with an item that doesn’t scream Comic Book Guy.  We took it upon ourseleves to parse through hundreds of garish barware sets to source a range of classy, functional, non-tacky pieces of Thrones merch. Think handcrafted wooden chess sets. Subtle prints. Coasters! These pieces will not just collect dust next to your old baseball mitt, we promise. 

Find our seven favorites below, and valar morghulis

Targaryen Clock in Wood

Westeros Transit System Poster

The Iron Throne Pencil Holder

The Wall Print
BUY HERE: $15-60 

Wooden Chess Set
BUY HERE: $550

House Stark Coaster Set

Hodor Door Stopper

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