electric motorcycle

This DIY Conversion Kit Will Turn Your Honda Super Cub Electric

The world's most popular bike, now more enduring than ever

3D-Printed, All-Electric Motorcycle Can Crank Up to 120 MPH

It's built from sustainable materials and looks a dream, too

The Ethec E-Bike Can Go 250 Miles on a Single, One-Hour Charge

In other news, the Batcave is missing one set of wheels

The Ubco E-Bike Is the Ultimate City-to-Country Ride

It's a commuter. It's a dirtbike. And it's 100% electric.

We’re Making Exaggerated Cartoon Wolf Howls at This Electric Motorcycle

The cafe racer concept may go into production early 2018

An Electric Motorcycle That Charges in an Hour Would Not Suck

Did Zero Motorcycles just open Pandora's battery box?

This Scooter Looks Like It Just Rode In From the Future

A future very similar to 'Tron,' probably

You’ll Either Love This E-Bike, or You’ll Love It

Monday Motorbikes proves e-bikes can run with the cool kids

Here’s a TRON Light Cycle You Can Actually Buy

The all-electric Neutron is 100% CGI-free

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Here’s a TRON Light Cycle You Can Actually Buy

The all-electric Neutron is 100% CGI-free

You Can Now 3D Print Your Own Custom Italian Motorcycle

It also holds a Guinness Record for distance traveled. NBD.

The New Standard for Electric Motorcycles Has Arrived

Don't take it to Sturgis just yet. But we're getting warmer.

Electric Motorcycles Used to Be Ugly. Then the Italians Showed Up.

Apache's first e-bike is a lean, green, envy-inducing machine

The Juicer Is an E-Bike for People Who Hate E-Bikes

Finally, a juicer that's actually good for something

Your Mountain Bike Cannot Do 62 MPH Uphill, but This One Can

Is it a filthy e-motorized CHEATER? Yes. Do we care? No.

No One Puts This All-Electric Swiss Motorcycle in a Corner

The Zvexx was designed to be, and is, a badass

Meet the Leafy Savage, Eco-Friendly Dirt Biking’s Resident Bad Boy

A rogue, do-gooder biker gang is coming to a forest near you

This Three-Wheeled E-Car Has Approximately One Seat

It reduces emissions ... and small talk

This Electric Chopper Looks Cool, and That’s Why I Hate It

An existential crisis for a motorcycle enthusiast