So This Porsche E-Bike Concept Looks Positively Ridiculous

Uh, which side is the front?

March 27, 2017 9:00 am

Not all concept vehicles are created equal. In fact, if we’re being completely honest about the topic, most of them are never created at all.

And while this futuristic vision of an all-electric Porsche motorcycle likely falls into that latter category, we figured it was worth bringing to your attention because, well, look at it.

Using the Porsche 911 turbo, 917, 918 and 919 as sources of inspiration, designer Miguel Angel Bahri came up with a design for an entry-level 618 bike with an incredibly low center of gravity.

Porsche Bike (3 images)

Relying on a powerful e-motor and high-torque transmission for burst, the 160-HP concept bike would tip the scales at an aerodynamic 485 pounds and be able to cruise to about 150 MPH.

While we’d set the odds of actually seeing Bahri’s concept build on the road at a Blutarsky-esque 0.0, we put the chances of seeing more great work from the kid as at least a 50/50 proposition.

Don’t stop believing.

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