3D-Printed, All-Electric Motorcycle Can Crank Up to 120 MPH

It's built from sustainable materials and looks a dream, too

October 17, 2018 9:00 am

Tomorrow’s tech paired with the polished veneer of yesteryear: it’s an MO tried and true, from Shinola turntables to wood-crafted gaming consoles

And it’s now made its way over to the world of choppers, with the near immaculate Tarform Motorycle

tarform (4 images)

Tarform’s bike is all-electric and will look to compete with similar silent machines from Zero, Evoke and (soon) Harley Davidson. But there’s a bit more of a story carrying these wheels. The brainchild of Silicon Valley man-about-town Taras Kravtchouk, the New York- and Stockholm-based Tarform 3D-prints several sections of its bike with biorecyclable materials, stitching together a hog that’s as much about sustainability as it is good looks (though it’s got that too — check out the vintage leather seat). 

And oh yeah, the driving experience seems poised to impress. Capable of cranking up to 120 MPH, the bike can travel 90 miles on a single charge and even utilizes an integrated AI system to better understand a rider’s habits, reacting to blind spots on the road with learned aplomb. 

Tarform’s motorycles are expect to sell for around $18K, and production is slated for late 2019. Head here to subscribe for updates or preorder your bike. 

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All images from Tarform Motorcycles

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