This Scooter Looks Like It Just Rode In From the Future

A future very similar to 'Tron,' probably

September 26, 2017 9:00 am

“A cross between a pre-A Porsche 356, an iPhone and a Pokémon.”

That’s how industrial designer Samuel Aguiar describes this absolute visionary transformation of a Vectrix VX-1 Maxi Scooter (yes, we said scooter — that is a scooter).

Built from laser-cut steel and molded fiber glass, Aguilar named the the slick two-wheeler “Hope.” 

He can call it whatever he wants. We’ll go ahead and call it the future. Under the body, the ride retains its original making, including 65Nm of torque and a top speed of 75 MPH with a max range of about 173 miles.

hope (3 images)

In a blog post, Aguiar writes “the data exported from the renderings was used to build the final form. Once the volume was defined, I had to find a nice melody between the seat, the lights, the dashboard and all the other elements. It was important for me to stay very ‘ergonomic’ to make the design usable. This is where you decide whether to keep your idea as a sculptural state or to bring it to a functional state.”

And did we mention Hope is all-electric, running on lithium batteries and a rear wheel engine? 

Have a stroll over to Aguiar’s website for more automotive schemes that make the future look cooler.

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